Julie Cox (southern_mystic) wrote in circletpress,
Julie Cox

Author Chat: Julie Cox, Issue 2

Hello again! In this second installment of Author Chat, I want to talk shapeshifters! See here for the first round of thoughts and ideas, as well as an explanation of who exactly I am.

Shapeshifters are a pretty big theme for me. Part of it is my affinity for a totemic type of spirituality, identifying parts of oneself with aspects of the world, be it animals, plants, zodiacs, etc. From there it's an easy leap to imagine changing one's shape to better suit the internal world. Part of it also is simply disliking being corporeal; how appealing it is to imagine the physical realm as malleable and subject to the will of the individual.

One of the big decisions in Chasing Tail was what type of animal shapeshifter each character was. With a main pair in each of the six stories, I had a lot of decisions to make. Each character's relationship with their animal form was different, and what they took from that animal was different. Their relationships were affected by what their animal forms were. Their society was informed in part by the blended psychology of animal and human.

In the world of Chasing Tail, when a person becomes a shapeshifter, they choose what animal they will become. So what I want to hear from you is simple: What animal would you choose to turn into, if you were a shapeshifter? Why that particular critter? For my part, it would be a fox. It's been one of my totems for many years; I have a fox tattoo on my back. We've had foxes den under our deck (and kill our chickens). I feel an affinity for the opportunistic, sly, observant and highly adaptable little bastards. How about you?
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