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Sample an older Circlet title! Today: Like An Animal

Like an Animal
Seven stories of werewolf erotica. We all struggle with the lustful animal that lurks beneath the skin. What more apt lens to explore the erotic possibilities, but the mythic creature of the werewolf? These stories run the gamut from playful to intense, exploring pack dynamics, magic, and the natural world. [Warning: Explicit sexual content.] Includes: Lunacy by Elizabeth Reeve, The Moon Is My Mistress by Vicka Corey, Carolina Jasmine by David Hubbard, Carnival of the Grotesque by A.D.R. Forte, Dark Divine Light by Becca Ovadia, Lupin House by A.N. Cortez, and American Werewolf In Budapest by Joe Nobel.
Price: $6.99

Like An Animal</br>

ISBN: 978-1-885865-79-3

Price: $6.99


Lunacy by Elizabeth Reeve</br>

The Moon Is My Mistress by Vicka Corey</br>

Carolina Jasmine by David Hubbard</br>

Carnival of the Grotesque by A.D.R. Forte</br>

Hot Excerpt:

Lunacy by Elizabeth Reeve

My therapist thinks I'm bipolar. It's easier all around if I embrace the metaphor. If she understood that when I talk about my cycles of risk-taking behavior that I really do mean that there's an actual monster coming out of me every month, I think she'd have me committed. And a psychiatric facility is no place for a werewolf.

Therapy, though… Well, I'm still human most of the time. And sometimes I need help coping with what the other half of me is capable of. No, it's nothing like that. I've been able to control the bloodlust since the very beginning. It's the other kind that gets me in trouble.

"So you've had another manic episode," Dr. Manspeaker says, calmly. Isn't Manspeaker a great name for a therapist? I told her I thought so during our first session, and she chuckled a little bit. I like to try to make her laugh.

I nod.

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