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Chocolatiers of the High Winds: Chapter 18

Chocolatiers of the High Winds by H.B. Kurtzwilde
A gay steampunk adventure. Follow the weekly travails of young Mayport Titus, and his intercontinental airship journey to restore the fortunes of the Titus Chocolate Company.

Chapter 18: Cunning

Mayport lay flat on the deck, wishing desperately for a mosquito net. The storm which had thrashed them had bestowed more clouds on the coast. Cully worked the crew at a fever pitch, one eye on the approaching salvager ships, the other on the sky.

Mayport wasn’t the only apparent loafer. A pair of men lay low on each gondola. Though the foreign boats drew close, they made no hails to the crew above. No vessel, including their own, flew colors declaring an affiliation to any country. Matters were as Thiervy had predicted; they were on their own.

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