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Sample an older Circlet title! Today: The Velderet

The Velderet
The Velderet is the story of Kobi and Merin, two roomies on the peaceful world of Bellonia, world where "equality" rules. But they each harbor taboo fantasies of BDSM, and when they world is colonized by the warlike Kylar, who worship the gods of dominance and submission, everything changes. Originally serialized in TASTE OF LATEX magazine!
Price: $7.49

The Velderet
ISBN: 1-885865-27-9
Price: $7.49

Chapter One </center>

“I want to be a slave,” Kobi said, from where he lay on the living room floor with his long black hair spread out like a carpet. “The erotic plaything of a powerful, indomitable owner.” His eyes twinkled with an “aren’t I crazy?” light, or maybe that was the image of the fireplace flickering on the media wall. He sat up enough to take another swig of the wine and passed the bottle back to Merin where she sat on the couch, and lay back again, watching her reaction.

Merin sat still with shock; her fingers barely felt the wine bottle in her hand. She and Kobi had been sharing the apartment for several months, ever since the last housing lottery assigned them into this standard, two-occupant place. It was nice but not fancy, and she and Kobi got along better than well, sometimes sharing beds as well as friendship; but this was the first time they’d ever gotten drunk and bared their secrets to one another. “Say that again,” she said, almost a whisper.

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