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The Prince’s Boy: 77

(Continuing the weekly serial by Cecilia Tan! Need to start at the beginning? Click here.)

77: Kenet

Holding Jorin’s hand, I followed Sergetten down the hallway to another room, then out onto what I thought was a balcony. I soon realized it was more of a terrace built into the side of the hill, looking down over all of Port Aris. The sun was setting behind us and I realized with a start that we must have slept the day away.

Dug out of the hill was an oval pool, large enough for several men to stand in, and water flowed from somewhere above, down a tiled channel, and then flowed out of it to another pool below, and on down. I was surprised to find the water quite hot as I dipped my foot into it.

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Tags: gay, high fantasy, serialized fiction, the prince's boy
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